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  • What do I need to start a website ?
    Answer: You will need a domain name, or a dot com name. That will be your web site name.
    Also, it is important to have a rough idea on what you would like your web site to look like, and what type of content you will have on your web site.
    We can register your domain name for you, and then discuss your ideas for your web site.
  • What are the costs of setting up a website ?
    Answer: There are three costs involved in setting up a web site:
    Registering the domain name - $35/year
    Building the site - Prices vary.
    Monthly hosting - $25/month.

  • How long does it take to get a website on the internet ?
    Answer: If we register your domain name, it takes usually 2-3 days for the domain registry to process your domain name, and have it ready for publishing and the world to see.
    If the domain name is registered elsewhere, it may take an extra day or so to complete the transfer.
    The building of the actual website can vary from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the project.

  • How fast will my website content be updated after I submit a change ?
    Answer: Simple updates are usually handled very quickly, sometimes even that same day, depending on the day and time it is submitted.
    Email is the best way to submit an update, but you can also call or fax us in the case of any emergency updates.
    In extreme cases, updates may take 24-48 hours for us to get your information posted, depending on the extent of the update.
    Please indicate to us if your update is critical or time sensitive.

  • What if my web site goes down ?
    Answer: No machine is perfect, and yes from time to time even the best sites go down for short periods of time. This can be caused by power failures, overloads, routine computer maintenance, and even the weather.
    We monitor our web sites regularly, but if your site is down, please notify us right away.
    Normally the web site will be up and running again shortly.
    (Please note: if you are not hosting your web site with us, then you must contact your hosting company to resolve this issue.)

  • What is a web hosting fee ?
    Answer: Your web site and all of its contents are on a computer which allows your customers to view and have access to your site.
    The web hosting fee covers the cost of maintaining these computers and the use of the computer space.

  • Do I still pay a hosting fee even if I don't update my web site ?
    Answer: Yes you do. The monthly hosting fee is separate from any updating or changing of your web content.
    As long as your website is active and accessible, the monthly fee still applies.

  • Why does IceHog charge more if I have my own web host ?
    Answer: It is faster and easier for us to start and update web sites if you use IceHog as a web host.
    If we use your web host, we must contact that company to get the instructions on uploading to their server.
    It is usually more complicated and more time consuming than if we hosted the site at IceHog.

  • Does IceHog do any E-Commerce sites ?
    Answer: At this time we don't design E-Commerce sites. Those are much more expensive and involved, so we leave those to sites like Yahoo and such which are set up to handle E-Commerce.
    However, if one of our customers wanted to sell one or two items on their web site, that is something that could be arranged.

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